Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recent reads

I think it's time to talk about books, don't you think?

I Can Jump Puddles - Alan Marshall
I picked up this one at a second hand store on holidays in January. I remember watching the TV series when I was little but didn't remember much about it other than it was about a boy with polio. And he used crutches. I didn't even remember that it was Australian - I assumed it was English. The shame! It's an Australian classic! I absolutely loved it. I think every Aussie should read this (and non Aussies too). It's set in the years around 1910, an autobiography of Alan Marshall's school years. He's such an adorable honest boy. So strong with an amazing attitude. Nothing would hold him back. I knew he'd written two more books about his life after school but wasn't expecting to find them to buy. I was thrilled when I recently found a used copy of the next one by accident! I haven't read it yet.

Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden
I've seen the film adaptation of this one too. I remember it being very beautiful and when I watched it again after reading the book I didn't think there was much beauty in it. Isn't that weird. I really enjoyed the book tho. I thought it might be difficult to read because of the very different Japanese culture, but it wasn't at all. I learned so much about the culture and Geisha (note: I learned there is no "s" in the plural of Geisha) and lots of new Japanese words. Although I think I've forgotten most of them already. Definitely worth a read this one.

Of Mice and Men - John Steinback

I did enjoy this book, and it was so short I knocked it over in no time. It's the story of the relationship between two men - one small, worldy and tough (think Joe Pesci), the other big, simple and strong (think Andre the Giant). Set around the thirties. It's apparently another Great American Novel. Like The Great Gatsby, I did enjoy it and think it's worth a read, but not sure about the "Great Americal Novel" label. I'd like to see a film adaptation if I can find one.

What are you reading at the moment? Do you like it?


Lis said...

I havent had much time to read of late but I finished My sisters keeper and I loved it, it was a bit hard to follow with the way the chapters were written but still a good read.
I picked up wuthering heights and the diary of anne frank the other week, both books I have already read but along time ago.
I also found one called "The next thing on my list" by Jill Smolinski just because I like the cover haha.
Willhave to source I can jump puddles, thats one ive never read.

Charlotte said...

I remember Mum & Dad had a copy of I Can Jump Puddles on the black shelves in the rumpus room when I was growing up. I always thought it was the most boring name for a book. Ha! Guess I never read it!
I'm still reading... Oh actually I haven't read any pages in a while so I can't remember what its called! Lol! It's about British people sailing to Australia in the 1800s. It's a little boring. I'm struggling! Lol!