Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Handmade gifts

I love making gifts. I feel a bit weird making gifts for people who aren't crafty... I think that instead of appreciating the thought, planning, seeking out of supplies and crafting time (as well as money) that's gone into the gift, that instead they will think I'm cheap. So I only really make gifts for people who I think will appreciate them.

Like my dear friend Lea who had a birthday recently.

I bought an unframed tapestry at an oppie recently. I loved the rose design and knew exactly who would love it and thought I might turn it into a cushion. It had obviously been stitched without a frame and was really warped (bummer - forgot to photograph it then!). The square was warped into a diamond shape. But I thought I could rescue it. I soaked it in water for a day or two, then stretched it out in a frame for about a week. Then ironed it to help hold the square shape. I made it into this cushion, backing it with some vintage sheeting. And I love it.

We suffered two wardrobe malfuctions when we were away on holidays in January. The strap broke on one of my dresses, and Tassy put a hole in her leggings. I thought a sewing kit would have been handy! So then and there I started thinking about making one for Lea's upcoming road trip. I thought about what would be handy to have in a tiny sewing kit, and then made up a little pouch to hold the goodies. I remember Lea told me once she loved this floral fabric.

It has pockets for the scissors and tape measure.

Do you like giving handmade gifts to crafty friends and family? How about those who aren't crafty - do you give them handmade gifts too?


nicole said...

that little sewing kit is just the cutest!!!
you're such a thoughtful lass!

Lis said...

I love handmade gifts but those that usually send me gifts arent crafty so I never get them.
I love the cushion you did a great job on restoring it and repurposing it. The sewwing kit is just adoreable!!
You are a good friend Im sure Lea will love them :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your sewing kit... hope you make some for your Mum's sale. I love how you have thoughtful chosen the buttons and also the threads and a largish amount of thread too. Great work. Daryl once stapled his trousers hem up and Uncle Rod wired together a split in his jeans to travel home on the train.... luv u aaj

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention the cushion. It is beautiful. I wonder who spent all those hours working on such a beautiful design then never used it. So good it went to the op shop and an "oppie"-tastic girl bought it and voila... look where it is now. I hope the maker gets some warm fuzzies from all of us admiring it. luv u aaj

Granny Janny said...

I remember giving Nanny a gift I had made myself and her saying how much she appreciated the time and effort I had put into it, even though she wasn't a crafter. It was so hard to buy her "things" when she had everything, so to give a handmade gift was a unique gift too. I always remember how good I felt when she said that.
I loved it too, when Felicity said that she often saw a little bit of me in the houses she visited who were displaying gifts that I had made and she had given. It made her feel closer to home when she was so far away.
Love Mum

Liz said...

Wow - love the little sewing kit with the needles already threaded - fab idea. Cushion is lovely.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Charlotte said...

I TOTALLY feel the same as u about handmade gifts. Usually it's handmade cards with me. I hate specially making a card for someone and they barely read it! I remember Felicity saying she spent hours on a shaker card (her first & only) then the person barely even read it and threw it on the rubbish pile. Heartbreaking!!
Love the cushion!! That's awesome! Great repurposing!! The sewing kit is such a great idea too :)

Lea said...

I feel the same about home made gifts as well. I do however have a few non crafty friends that appreciate the thought of handmade. As you know I LOVED my present. You could have just given me ONE of those lovely gifts. I was totally spoilt and it made my horrid day a thousand times happier. Lxo

Sheree said...

Great job on the cushion Yvette and I LOVE that sewing kit!

Sheree xx

safdar ali said...

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Anonymous said...

I think I'm finally caught up! Love this but I think I told you that on the phone. :)