Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Hey, did you notice my new look blog? I did it on the weekend. It must be a while since I made any changes to my blog - the whole process is completely different now. Yippee - I found the old way so unintuitive! The new way took me a little bit to work out but now it's all good.

Tassy took these pics when we were on holidays in Narooma. It's a progressive sneeze - just for something different!

I bought this top op shopping in Sydney with Charlotte. I'm still not sure about it. I love the aqua and the floral print, but something about it just doesn't seen spot on. Not sure what it is. Charlotte tried to talk me out of it and I did put it back on the rack, but as we walked out of the store I picked it up and paid the steep $9 to take it with me.

Top - Op Shop
Jeans - Target
Shoes - Big W (gift from Mum)
Watch - Swatch (still missing my lost watch tho)
Necklace - Diva (or possibly equip...)


Lis said...

I love the new look blog, banner is awesome.
Those photos look like your having so much fun :)
The outfit is nice I like the top, the aqua is so pretty.

Sheree said...

Love the sneeze pics Yvette! LOL Your new top is lovely...gorgeous aqua and your necklace is so cute!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Wow, way to make me sound like a tight-arse, but it was the $9 price tag I didn't like! I do like the colour of the top ;)
Love the sneeze!

Lea said...

Yep I reckon 9 is a bit steep too but I am a tight arse. Love the pics. Youre funny. Love the header...lots of elements of you and the things you love. Miss you.