Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Today it's a summery work outfit I work to work recently.

See all the pleating around the neckline? Sometimes it gets a bit crushed in my cupboard and I have be known to iron it flat with my hair straightener as I'm straightening my hair!

Top - Cue
Skirt - Temt
Shoes - Pierre Fontaine (very fancy name for five dollar shoes)
Necklace - from Alicia for Christmas


Charlotte said...

Awesome use of a hair straightener!!
Love the colour of ur top & shoes! And the necklace is just so so cool :)

Anonymous said...

I had a pair of Pierre Fontaine shoes in the late 60's. They were white leather with a leather rosette on the square toe and a little low heel. Very trendy. I wore them as bridesmaid shoes for my cousins wedding and then used to wear them for work. I loved them and the leather was so soft. Maybe yours are vintage shoes too. Similar shape.
Love Mum

Sheree said...

Lovely as always Yvette! Love those cute shoes!

Sheree xx

Lis said...

Multi purpose appliances are my favourite lol
Cute shoes and great price and I love your necklace.

Janelle Wind said...

LOL that's too funny, I would never have thought of using the hair straightener for ironing clothes. You are very inventive. Totally LOVE your yellow shoes too. Just gorgeous once again. xx Janelle

Mardi said... are so clever.....I would never have thought to hair straighten my clothes.....brilliant!!!!!
You look always look so elegant.
Mardi x