Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

This outfit is a few years old but I feel young and cute in it. In reality I'm probably a bit old for that!

Dress - Kmart
Leggings - Temt
Shoes - Dianna Ferrari
Necklace - made from a vintage typewriter key ('scuse the freckles)


Zara said...

You look great in this outfit.
And love the typewriter key necklace. x

Vanessa said...

I love your outfit Yvette especially those cute little red shoes.

Charlotte said...

I love this outfit! You are young & cute :)
I love my typewriter key too! It's so awesome, thank u!! Xoxo

Lis said...

pfft you are not too old to look cute, I love it!!

Sheree said...

Great outfit Yvette and I love that necklace!!

Sheree xx

Janelle Wind said...

I love that outfit on you and guess what, I have the exact same dress too. SO if you look too old in yours then so do I LOL. I love it and think you look super cute!! xx