Sunday, December 11, 2011

Opping along

I took a quick trip to an Op Shop in my short lunch break from work on Thursday and found a few goodies!

I gasped when I saw these! They are practically exactly the same as figurines Alicia and I were given when we were very little, only these are smaller. Aren't they the sweetest!

I don't know where Alicia's is (I'm sure she doesn't have it - maybe Mum has it - Mum?) but I still have mine and it sits on Tassy's special shelf. Here she is with her smaller siblings! Amazing hey!

I bought these glasses about a year ago and I really love them - mostly because of the shape - they feel so nice in your hand.

I've been keeping an eye out for some the same - no luck yet, but I did find these which go with them really well. So we now have five cute glasses we can use for our juice in the mornings. :)

And I got this dress which I'll show you on Wednesday. :)

I'm linking up with Sophie's Flea Markets Finds - you can check out lots of cute op shop finds there!


Lea said...

oooh I'll be waiting in anticipation for Wednesday. The figurines are so sweet.

Paulette said...

It is always nice to find something in a thrift store that brings back a memory, or in your case, adds to your collection of items.❤

Anonymous said...

Fancy finding the little angels. I don't think I have Alicia's angel.
I will keep my eye out if he makes an apppearance. I do have Felicity's Madonna and child in the same series and I also have a Nativity Set in the same blue and white China. It is a cheap version on the Spanish Lladdro. Very expersive.
Love Mum

WV: lateduc
Looking forward to seeing you on Christmas Eve but don't be a lateduc.

Charlotte said...

100% Alicia wouldn't have that statue any more! Lol! So cool that they match your bigger one tho! Great work! I love doing a happy dance when I find stuff like that :)
You may have already inadvertently posted a pic of your dress ;)

Anonymous said...

We had those figurines too!