Thursday, December 15, 2011

One afternoon this week...

it was lovely to have dear friends come for a visit. I loved seeing these two besties together again. And their mums too. :)

And Lulu has found her voice since we last saw her five months ago.


Anonymous said...

Lulu is so much like Bella now. Can't get over the height distance between Tassy and Bella. What a lovely relationship they have; just like cousins, with their mums like sisters. You have shared so much together.
Can't believe how much wear Tassy has gotten from her Christmas skirt.
Love Mum

Lea said...

I showed Lulu this post today and she said 'ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh YUM!' hahah also I wanted to show Boo the vintage typewriter post..could you tell me where it is please:)