Monday, December 05, 2011

Bloggy advent calendar DAY 5

I was so thrilled to find some vintage ornaments at the Op Shop last week! Five silver painted glass ornaments for $2. There are two of these round indents and three fully round ones with two different painted designs.

I might not have any of my Grandma's ornaments but I'm sure they used to belong to SOMEONE'S Grandma!

Speaking of Grandma's ornaments, Auntie Julie has some of Grandma's old ornaments and sent me these photos a few days ago. I think the Santa is a bit creepy but the pinecone is beautiful. She said the pinecones are glass and when Uncle Rod was a toddler he crushed one in his hand and Grandma had to extract all the tiny slivers of glass with tweezers. Urgh - gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

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Lotti said...

Those ornaments are beautiful .... yep, the santa is a bit creepy, but it's interesting to see the decorations of yesteryear.