Monday, December 26, 2011

Bloggy advent calendar DAY 26

More inspiration from Pinterest! Oh Pinterest - how you inspire me...

I can't remember exactly what I saw on Pinterest but it gave me the idea of making bird ornaments from air dry clay. I rolled out the clay (between two sheets of baking paper, otherwise it's sticky and messy) and laid a piece of lace on top of the clay and rolled again. It leaves a great impression in the clay. Then I cut them out using cookie cutters and left them to dry overnight. The next morning I rubbed some metallic rub-ons I've had for like, ever, over the birds to highlight the design. Metallic rub-ons are kinda like creamy eye shadow (as opposed to scrapbooking style rub-on images).

This trio is on a mirror near the front door and although I made them for Christmas I'm thinking I'll leave them there year round.

I made tree ornaments for my mum and sisters too, using stamps to write "mother" and "sister". This one was the first and it's a dud cos the words are too close to the lace, so I kept it for myself. I rubbed a pearly metallic rub-on onto this one and it's nice and subtle, and almost impossible to see in the photo LOL.


Zara said...

These look beautiful, what a great idea. x

Lotti said...

Those birds are so beautiful. I love that people are so clever and make such wonderful things. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great use of the gorgeous cookie cutters I gave you. Oooh you think laterally. Great inspiration to me.
I love my gorgeous pearly bird deco.
Love Mum