Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bloggy advent calendar DAY 14

I love that we have a Typo outlet store in Canberra. I think I do them a great service by taking a lot of old/seconds/broken stock off their hands. ;)

After last Christmas I did them a huge favour in taking some Christmas ornaments off their hands. I bought boxes of wooden birds and keys - I think I paid $2 for a box, with 4 ornaments in a box. Normally $10. The birds were plain wood and I painted them red and coated them with my friend superfine glitter. The keys were already painted red and I glittered them too.

I've decorated my tree in red for the last two Christmases and I just love it. I think it will be hard to go back to putting everything on the tree - whenever that may be!

I found a "before" photo!


Anonymous said...

The red bird looks fabulous. I must get into glittering. I have lots of things I want to paint silver and some are to glitter. And I want them for THIS Christmas.
Love Mum

Lotti said...

So pretty .... love the glitter ... so Christmasy.

Lea said...

I love your red tree. Its beautiful.