Saturday, December 17, 2011

A bit of Christmas cooking

I've been dying to do some Christmas cooking and finally squeezed some in this week. Tassy and I made these Christmas trees on Sunday. We've made them lots of times and they're easy and really yummy (although making them into cones can be tricky and messy). We put a couple aside for Tassy, Bella and Lucia to decorate the next day.

And I made some cranberry shortbread with white chocolate. I made them early Monday morning before Tassy went to school! It felt good to do something productive so early in the morning!

My extended family's Christmas party is today in Wollongong and we won't be there because we have Dave's family Christmas today in Canberra. They're doing a cookie swap and I didn't want to miss out so I packaged up some and posted them off.

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Lea said...

And I was lucky enough to try both these yummy Christmas treats. I love the idea of your biscut swap. I look fwd to seeing what you receive.