Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Op Shop Swap

I received a parcel in the post a few days ago from my Op Shop Swap partner Nicole. Want to see what I received?!!!!

And she made something special just for Tassy's girl Mist! Boy Tassy was stoked!

Thank you so much Nicole! I love what you sent me and I had such fun with this swap. I'll definitely do it again if I have the opportunity!


nicole said...

oh i am SO glad it fits mist! i was really worried about it being too short or falling straight down!
i had so much fun finding everything :D

Lotti said...

What a nice parcel of things .... the op shop swap was so much fun.

Lea said...

oh what fun! I love your goodies and I bet Tassy was very please to receive something too.
ps you look lovely in your wiww post. how did the concert go?

Charlotte said...

Oh wow, cool stuff! The saucer is lovely & the dress Nicole made for mist is super cool! Granny probably had a knitted dress back in the day! What is the fairy item?

Jody Pearl said...

WOW - what a box of treasures!

So glad you joined in the fun - we'll definitely do it again.

Merry Christmas!