Monday, November 21, 2011

Op Shop Swap

Lea told me about an Op Shop Swap recently and Charlotte and I were keen to sign up. Unfortunately for some reason Lea missed out on being included in the swap which was a huge disappointment. :(

Now that my partner Nicole has received her package I can show you what I sent her! The brief was 1-3 items from an Op Shop, a handmade item and a Christmas themed item. Max value $15.

So here are the Op Shop items. A sweet little figurine...

This retro linen teatowel - it's all crushed cos I had wrapped the figurine in it before I decided to take photos.

A gorgeous old copy of Black Beauty (which coincidentally Tassy has just read - ours is a new copy and I would have kept this if we didn't already have a copy!).

I love the name, address and date inside (another coincidence - my parents were living in the tiny town of Cootamundra when they fell pregnant with me - then they moved to Sydney not long before I was born).

Plus a few bonus British Snaps cos I love them and got lots at the Op Shop a little while ago!

And I made two things - the ring is my token "handmade" item and other is my Christmas themed item.

I'm so glad you like them Nicole!


nicole said...

like them? love them!!!
i've still got the box sitting on my kitchen table, waiting for the 1st of december so i can put up that gorgeous ornament.
i also think i'm going to have to find a frame for that tea towel :D it needs to be on display too!
thanks again!!!

Charlotte said...

Cool stuff! I'm glad Nicole liked them :) the swap was my first swap & I thought it was fun (and a little stressful! Lol!)

Moira said...

Looks great! How cool is the teatowel! (Memories of my Mum's 70s assortment of teatowels ...)

Sheree said...

What a fun idea Yvette! Love all the goodies you included in your box!!

Sheree xx