Friday, October 14, 2011

Op shopping

I dragged Tassy across to the other side of town to visit some Op Shops and here's what we got. (We also had a Max Brenner ice cream / fudge brownie sundae for lunch - naughty!)

A lovely stool that I will repaint and recover. Tassy has decided to have a reading corner in her room and wants to use this as her centrepiece (personally I'd rather have a beanbag for comfort). I do love it tho! It was $15. For another $15 we got this fantastic globe that I LOVE. As you can see Tassy does too. I also got more crochet hooks (I have a great collection now!), knitting needles (just for show cos I can't knit and don't have plans to learn anytime soon), novels, childrens books, an embroidery hoop, fabric, a teeny doily and the little house tealight holder. A great haul!


Lis said...

What a great haul of goodies, worth the trip across town I reckon, love the globe and the stool is really pretty.
lol on the knitting needles I learnt to knit before I learnt to crochet and actually find it easier.

Vic said...

Oh I am JEALOUS. I would have fought you for that globe! I am yet to find one in all my opping travels!

Lea said...

Wow the globe is great. tassy looks like she is very pleased with it too. I like the red fabric too. Some lovely goodies.

Anonymous said...

Great Op Shopping. I love the stool. It's a Queen Anne bedroom stool and will look lovely recovered and put in Tassy's room. I'm for bean bag comfort too.
The globe will be great for tracing Granny and Papa's trip to Alaska and Hawaii next year.
Love Mum

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