Friday, October 07, 2011

At home

I love days at home during the holidays. Tassy and I did some baking - choc chip cookies, and Tassy made a robot mask for Scarlet. We're big Lego fans in this house (we still have some of Dave's and my old lego) and we bought Creationary in Target a few days ago on special. So we've been having fun playing that. There was also Jazzercise, washing and sitting at the computer but there are no pretty pictures to go with those activities.


Lis said...

Cookies look yummmy!!

Charlotte said...

Love Scarlet's robot mask! Technological chic is the next big fashion hit! Lol!
I also {love} Lego. I have HEAPS for Jai when he's big! Actually that was the first time I've thought of him playing with my Lego! He'll love it! I have a pirate ship, castle, ninja fort, electric train, vintage castle, jungle house & more! Wow he'll be enchanted :) as I am! I even have some Prince of Persia stuff. Must get some Pirates of the Caribbean Lego too!