Saturday, October 29, 2011


Only a few days left of Blogtoberfest and I'm running out of blogging subjects! Maybe I'll show you an old photo I was just looking at.

This is mum holding me and pregnant with Alicia. Mum made my quilted pinafore and because she made so many of our clothes she could justify buying us expensive shoes. :) Clever mummy. She's standing outside our dark brick, flat roofed house in Engadine in Southern Sydney. We lived there until 1979 when we moved to Grafton. What a big change that was - moving to the country with three little girls, about 700km away from all our family... to a place where we knew no one. Very brave of them.


Lis said...

Awww you were such a littel cutie.

Lotti said...

Seems like many of us Bloggers are blogged out from blogtoberfest ... I'm feeling a bit that way myself. That's a lovely photo and a nice memory. I think it's actually good to go back on old photos sometimes and blog about them ... help s to keep all the memories alive. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love that photo. I don't think it really looks like me though. I think my face is puffy with pregnancy. I loved those little shoe of yours. They were Spanish. I love my hair in that photo. It looks like I have heaps of thickness.
Love Mummy
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