Saturday, September 17, 2011

Book Week Parade

A few weeks ago Tassy said she had a great idea for a costume for Book Week next year. I said to her "Hang on, have you had Book Week this year yet?". So we looked it up and it turned out it was the very next week! Somehow it always surprises us and we never have enough time to prepare! So Tassy's brilliant idea was to dress as Jasmine from Deltora Quest. She LOVES all Emily Rodda books and we have bought the whole Deltora Quest series on DVD too.

So here is the feisty Jasmine.

We made Fili (Jasmine's fluffy friend who sits on her shoulder) and Kree (the crow) and pinned them to Tassy's shoulders, draped a piece of calico over her shoulder, held in place with a belt, and dressed Tassy in a red(-ish) dress and black leggings. She REALLY wanted to get black hairspray or something, but we didn't have a chance to check that out so I said she could just wear her hair out to school (I always put it in plaits cos otherwise it's messy and knotty - so hair out was a treat!).

We thought it turned out great! And one of her besties also dressed as Jasmine LOL.

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Lea said...

boo will be super impressed-thats what she wanted to go as!!but our school didnt have bookweek parade this year!!! Love the little critters. Leax