Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Tassy and I wanted to try baking macarons and flat bread in the school holidays. They're both things we love.

There are a million macaron recipes on the internet and since it's apparently a pretty tricky morsel to master I thought I'd go with someone I trusted. Bakerella. Seriously, there are four ingredients and not very many steps at all. How hard can it be?

First you have to age your egg whites for a few days. Check. Leaving something on the bench for two days isn't too hard. Then the real prep begins.

Pipe consistent rounds of the mixture... or not so consistent in our case. Leave on the bench for 30 - 60 minutes to develop a hard shell on top. Part way thru I remembered I was going to put some sprinkles on a couple of them. Do'h! Already hard.

Bake. I set the timer for two minutes less than the minimum time given and do'h, they went brown!

But they didn't turn out too badly. They have a firm shell and "feet". They're a little brown and too gooey, and my blue food colouring somehow makes a definite green macaron, but I think I have the urge to make them out of my system now. :)

I filled some with peanut butter ganache and some with white chocolate ganache. The PB ganache is a winner.

I'll be back soon to share our flat bread making adventures (not many photos to share for that).


Anonymous said...

I have yet to try eating a macaron let alone baking - which I think I definitely won't bother with. Your blue is very delicate, the colours of them in my favourite shop in the new Westfields in Pitt St Sydney are very rich, bright colours. I love this new coffee shop near Peter Shepherd shoes, they have delectable delights to have with my coffee... love u..aaj

Charlotte said...

YUM! PB ganache! You can eat my macaroon though, too sugary for me. And I'll just lick all the filling. LOL! You make macaroons sound not too technical though, good work! I always heard they were hard to make, so I'm pleased to see you succeeded! I want to make Woopie Pies. Preferably chocolate ones with PB ganache. YUM!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Macaroons. They always look as if they would be difficult. I always thought the weather affected them too, like you couldn't bake them on a rainy day. You can cross that one off your bucket list now.
Love Mum
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Clarissa said...

Yum! They look sooo good. Are they easy to make?