Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Scrapping again

My blog has been a bit light on the scrapbooking front but look at this - another layout! Plus I have another one that I haven't photographed yet.

I took this photo of my sister Alicia with Xander after Charlotte's baby shower recently. I just love it - isn't he gorgeous. He always has a huge smile - such a joy. The sweet angel has five stitches in his forehead at the moment after a very nasty hit on a table leg. But he's OK.


Charlotte said...

Another gorgeous page!
Poor little Poppet, he is such a trooper. When they got back from hospital he was his normal self, if just a little zonked from a busy few hours! He was smiling and laughing at Will and I making faces, such a good boy! I hope they have an awesome holiday with him!

WV: phyllypt
Isn't he the Queen's husband?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this layout of Alicia and Xander. I loved the brown spot above and the gorgeous oldie worldie floral at the bottom and the bright yellow features drawing the two together and stepping it up into the 21st century. Just stunning. What a gorgeous photo of mother and son. JOY!
Love Mum

WV: cothoard
Charlotte's baby will sleep in a cothoard in her bedroom.

Charlotte said...

Do you mean Cupboard or Cot Mum? Cos we'll probably not need to put it in the cupboard. LOL!