Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth hour

We celebrated Earth Hour a little earlier than most, so that Tassy could join in. She loves Earth Hour and we have been joining in since the first year, 2007. I am a proud GREENIE in many ways!

Usually we play a board game together but this time I did some crafting by candlelight at the dining table, Tassy did some drawing and colouring in by candlelight on the floor and Dave did some computer by monitor light (yes, a little disappointing).


Mardi said...

Good on you and Tassy for participating....I bet a quiet moment of crafting by candlelight was just lovely.
Mardi x

Lea said...

We read stories by candlelight and played murder in the dark. eekk. That's a cute pic too.

Sheree said...

Crafting my lovely! We joined in too last night but we did it an hour earlier so the kids could enjoy it before they went to bed. :)

Sheree xx