Thursday, March 03, 2011

Book Club

In the absence of anything crafty to share on my blog I thought I might talk about some books I've been reading lately. I joined a book club this year, with Moi. A few years ago when my friend Catherine told me she was in a book club I thought it sounded a bit obscure and nerdy, LOL. But the idea has grown on me and now I'm excited to be in a book club. :)

The first book we read was The Year of the Flood, by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. I didn't enjoy this one but I have this thing where I can't leave a book unfinished so I finished it. It's set in the future, just after a catastrophe has wiped out most of the population and the book skips back and forth in time.

The next book, Jasper Jones by Aussie author Craig Silvey is a gem. I loved the characters, all totally believable and it was a great story. Set in a little country town in WA in the sixties, it's about a 13yo boy and a crime scene he's exposed to. I thoroughly recommend that one! I just read the film rights have been sold so that's exciting!

Now I'm back to finishing off Voyager by Diana Gabaldon which I'd abandoned to read the Book Club books. Who else loves Jamie and Claire? Although I'm loving Jamie more and Claire less as the series progresses.


Moira said...

Well done on reading The Flood! Jacqui wasn't too keen LOL! As you know, I didn't worry.
I haven't started JJ yet but I know I will love it! I am currently finishing a politics book.

Anonymous said...

Wow Yvette, 3 books. I am STILL wading through Hawaii by James A. Michener. It's coming up to a year. I ripped through the first half, loving the history but am bogged down in the more modern times. I was encouraged the other day when Uncle Roderick said "Hawaii, well that's a tome. It's HUGE". It does have tiny print. I have been released from thinking you have to read EVERY word on every page, so now I skip the bit I'm not interested in. I have 2 books already lined up to read next. I admire people who read. I discovered a long time ago that you can't read and embroider or sew at the same time!!
Love Mum

Charlotte said...

Hey don't knock Claire!! LOVE those books, Diana Gabaldon is my fave author. I even looked longingly over at the Arizona mountains when we were driving thru on our honeymoon cos I know she lives there and I was Wondering If i would see her! Lol! I'm glad ur still reading them. I thought I was missing one!