Sunday, February 06, 2011


We only have one more day of school holidays to go! Dave will be back at work tomorrow so it's a girly day. I always try to do something special on that last day of the Christmas holidays when it's just Tassy and me. We're going to the National Gallery to see the Ballet Russes exhibition, then to a cafe. Maybe a little Op Shopping afterwards if Tassy's feeling generous LOL.

We did some crafting recently. Tassy was really keen for me to make a lamb for the Blythe doll she's hoping to get for her birthday in May. It was a little fiddly to make but not too bad. And while I think he's gorgeous I'm certainly not in a hurry to make another one! He's about 7cm tall.

She wanted me to make some clothes for Jess, her mini Blythe. So we started with a dress...

and then she wanted me to make a nighty. Now these are VERY tricky because the doll is tiny, with a tiiiiny body beneath an oversized head. Tassy was thrilled with her new clothes.
Jess looks like she's slept in her hair. I must mention that to her mother.


Sheree said...

You're so clever Yvette! Very cute!!! Madi just got two of those little Blythe (LPS) dolls for her them! Not sure I'm brave enough to attempt clothes for them though...they're so tiny!!!

Sheree xx

Moira said...

Very cute!

Charlotte said...

Oh so cute! I can see the deer would be fiddly, but its so sweet!!
I think Blythe did sleep in her hair, I used to have hair like that!