Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family Portraits

Tassy's school had a great fundraiser at the end of last year - family portraits! I wasn't expecting a lot for the $10 sitting fee which included a free photo AND frame. But I was pleasantly surprised! There were only three different shots - a family shot, parents shot, and child/ren shot. We didn't buy the one of Tassy cos, well basically it wasn't very nice! I'm sure they would have had a better one to choose from. But the family shot and the one of Dave and I were nice so I was very happy with them!


Sheree said...

They're beautiful photos Yvette! What a great idea for a fundraiser. What a shame the one of Tassy didn't turn out as well.

Sheree xx

Lea said...

GORGEOUS girl! Inside and out! And a message for tassy...
Hi Tassy I saw your layout featured on tamars blog and it is FANTASTIC. You did a wonderful job
1 I am hoping to get bella to create one too on the weekend if I have time. I will be busy tho because I am cleaning up the house as we are expecting some special visitors on Monday:)

The Charm House said...

Hi Yvette Adams from Australia!!! I am Yvette Adams from the United States. I am also an artist. I just had to drop in and introduce myself.
Have a great day!

Charlotte said...

Gorgeous pics! Especially for the price too :)
I love your family photos, it's a great thing to do! I love looking back at our family pics from over the years!

WV: trach
You can trach how much Tassy has grown via these pics!