Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa photo 2010

Check out this Santa photo. It's a free one from Harvey Norman and while I think it's really nice photo of all of us WHAT is with the red floor? Hello! Someone obviously really liked it! They've even chopped off the top of the tree and the Christmas 2010 sign to feature more of the floor! I had to laugh. So ridiculous! Best I can do is crop it to a square so that's what I'll do! It pays to PAY for a Santa photo! LOL


Lea said...

oh this is a LOVELY photo of everyone! look at Tassy's long legs and long hair. looking very grown up:)

KimA said...

I don't think you necessarily get better composition when you pay for it! Great photo of the family

Charlotte said...

LAME! LOL! Not you, the photographer. Tassy is growing up so faaaaasssst!