Tuesday, October 12, 2010

School hols

Tassy was so keen to go back to school this week. She missed the last three days of last term because she was so sick with the flu. The following sunday she said something about going to school the next day and I said "Sweetie! I thought you knew it's school holidays! You missed the last few days of term!". She was so bummed! LOL. She loves school AND she loves holidays so she's happy either way. She was just disappointed she missed the last few days of term.

The first week of the school holidays was a complete write off because we were all so sick with the flu. The middle weekend we went to Sydney for my mum's 60th which was fantastic and the second week we got to do a few fun things (I still worked 2 days tho). We went ten pin bowling, to the mint, shopping and out to lunch, saw Legend of the Guardians at the movies (which we wanted to like more...) and did a little craft at home.

Tassy made this gorgeous patchwork pincushion using some fabrics scraps she chose out of my stash. I'm super impressed and she's very proud of herself!


Liz said...

Isn't she a clever little chookie!

Sheree said...

How cute is that pin cushion! Great job Tassy!

Sheree xx

Felicity said...

Oh she's so clever!! Much like her Mummy! :-) Glad you got to get out and do some fun stuff after being so sick.