Friday, August 06, 2010

Scrapbook Trends and Studio Calico

As I said in a previous post I had a layout published in Scrapbook Trends magazine... I've had a few layouts published in US magazines before and they've paid by cheque. Aussie banks charge about $15 to cash a US cheque (total rip-off!!!). So when ST said they pay with product instead of by cheque I thought that sounded like a great alternative! That's another reason why I was so excited to be receiving my parcel from them (four months late!). Here's the product they sent. All Studio Calico - mostly from the Homefront range, with a bit of Anthroplogie as well.

Not really the kind of products I would normally buy, but there are some nice things in there! So I used the products to create this layout. The only things I added were the crochet flower and brad. I love how it turned out! The photo was taken on one of our frequent trips from Grafton to Sydney - about a 10 hour trip not counting stops. We used to leave at about 3am, us kids in our jarmies, try to sleep in the car, and stop at Taree for breakfast in a park. We'd get dressed, go to the loo, eat our cold boiled eggs or cereal, have a run around then back into the car for the rest of the trip. We's usually get to our cousins' place in Southern Sydney about mid afternoon. It was a looooong trip. Wouldn't it have been awesome to have had portable DVD players back then...


Mardi said... know the one thing I LOVE the most about your layouts....its the way you record family memories....and you have the coolest photos ever!!!
You make me feel like scrapping more of my childhood memories too.

Love your prize pack too.... its always fun getting new product.

Mardi xx

Anonymous said...

I love the products you've used, it looks very retro, slipped right back to 1984, great work.
Those were the days! i loved you all being here, remember when you went to school for the 6 weeks.
How time flies.... aaj

Charlotte said...

Quick, that toddler is about to sneak away on right of that pic! OH NO!!! Oh wait.. it's me and I'm still here, you didn't lose me after all :)
I remember being so excited the night before, I'd go down to the garage and Dad would be packing the jigsaw of bags into the Tarago and there would be an air of excitement and anticipation. I'd be woken up and taken to the car with my pillow in my arms and be instantly asleep again once in the back seat. Sleeping anywhere was never my problem! And still not (I pity you!)
I remember woofing down my cereal at the park so I could go and play on the play equipment. Then I remember when you and Alicia left home and Dad would stop at Maccas instead, the days of park breakfasts was over :( You know it's sad being the last one left at home!

Sheree said...

What a great parcel of goodies Yvette! LOVE the layout you've created with it...gorgeous as always!

Sheree xx