Monday, July 12, 2010

A visit with friends

We had a lovely couple of days staying with our dear friends Lea and family last week. We miss you guys so much!

Here are a few photos from our visit. A trip to the park...

Here they were really concerned about a "baby" they could see that was all by itself (I could see the parent but they couldn't).

Tassy, Bella and Ollie dressed up Lucia like a queen and made her a throne of pillows. She was a pretty proud queen! All my photos are a joke - believe it or not this one is the best!

On our last day we went to this Licorice and Chocolate Factory. I love factories - especially ones that make yummy things to eat! When I was a child we had a Peters Ice Cream Factory a few streets away. I remember doing a tour in the school holidays and I LOVED it.

Here's some licorice being pooped out. It's hot when it comes out of the machine then goes down a 10m conveyorbelt. By the time it gets to the end it's cooled down and shrunk to one third the original size.

The kids made giant chocolate freckles and the chocolate was SO good!


Lea said...

by hook or by crook...we loved seeing you too. it always goes way too fast Lx

Anonymous said...

Love the photos of your visit to see Lea Bella Ollie and Lucia. Lucia's hair is soo long. Tassy looks like Bella's big sister. I love their hair done the same way. They look like they're all from the same family. The Licorice Factory would be so interesting. I remember Catriona Rountree visiting it on Getaway about 5 years ago. She loved it too and made the Big Freckle too.
Love Mum

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Can't climb fru a yedge it's too prickly.

Sheree said...

Great pics Yvette! Wow I can't believe how much Lucia has grown!!! It's been ages since I saw a pic of that little cutie!

So lovely to hear you all had such a fun time together!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Ooohh, looks like you had so much fun! Tassy loves giving hugs for pics too, so cute!
I love seeing the licorice being pooped out (LOL!) That sounds like one cool factory :)

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You can't get much noica than a day out to a licorice factory!