Saturday, June 26, 2010

Scrapping and cooking (but not at the same time)

Sorry to make you wait so long between posts Charlotte! I actually did a layout on Tuesday but since then I've been at work and haven't been able to take a photo during the day. Ah, work gets in the way of scrapping and blogging sometimes!

My sister Felicity sent me this photo and journalling and I've created this layout for her son Cooper's album. I hope you like it Fliss!

I've also been busy playing with my new Kitchenaid mixer! Isn't she a beauty! I LOVE it!

It's so robust and sexy and it doesn't fling mixture around the room like my old mixer. So far I've made cookies, mashed potato and bread. The bread was very experimental cos I didn't really have a proper recipe but it was still yummy. I split the dough in two and made cheese and bacon bread which was AWESOME and olive bread, which was WAY too light on olives. Next time I'll add three times as much! And I'll make sure I have all the ingredients to be able to follow a recipe properly!


Moira said...

Oooh that is cool! And look at your matching citrus toned bowls and salt and pepper shakers! Nice!!!
Your layouts look fabbo. I love your boy layouts in particular - probably because I don't see them very often!!!

Charlotte said...

Very cool looking Kitchenaid!! No name yet? I'm so glad you got one, I love mine! And the Tangerine is such an awesome colour, it just MAKES you want to use it :)
Thanks for the update, I was bored! LOL!
Love the bold colours you used on Cooper's page too, it suits him!

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Sorry you'll have to speak a little louder cos I'm a bit defte

Felicity said...

Wow! Love the orange! That is SO cool! The bread also looked delicious. I can imagine that ham and cheese bread all warm and googy... MMMMMmmmmmmmm! Cant actually have bread or cheese... Ham on a plate it is!! LOL!
Thank you for the layout! It's gorgeous! I'll have to send some of Sienna so you can boost her album too. I still have done NONE! For either of them. Oh well, one day....

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your Kitchen Aid looks wonderful! We have been playing with ours this weekend too. Haven't tried bread head - will have to give it a whirl - yours looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

WOW, another Kitchenaid in the family. Sooo glad you got one too. I LOVE the colour.. I thought you'd name it TANGY as that was the title of the photo. Can't wait to taste some of the "cookin' up a storm" goodies.
I am always inspired by your scrapbook pages, AAJ
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Sheree said...

Oooh look at your cool new mixer!!! Love the colour...and your bread looks delicious! Your layout is super cute as always!

S xx