Thursday, June 03, 2010

Birthday Girl

Tassy is now EIGHT! All three of us had the day off for Tassy's birthday and we went out for lunch and ice skating. Granny (my mum) was staying with us so it was lovely to share the day with her, and she took some photos of us on the ice.

So here is a very spoilt girl with all her birthday presents. Laying out presents on the bed is a tradition in my family and Charlotte still does it!

Here are the adventurous skaters.

Yes Tassy's pants are quite wet... they spent a fair bit of time getting acquainted with the ice. Here's some video mum took... we have watched this so many times, Tassy thinks it's hysterical. Not the crying part... but the "OH NO" face!

And on to the cake... Tassy told me she wanted a white chocolate cake for her birthday, so I was imagining a very classy all white cake, with white chocolate curls etc... But then in Woolies she spied these little fairies and decided she wanted green icing so it looked like the fairies were sitting on the grass... with coloured pebbles all around. So I let her decorate, lol. Well, it is kinda cute. I gave her the last piece of cake to take to school yesterday and while she was eating the cake a wicked girl pinched the last fairy right off the top and ate it! Tassy was devastated!! She didn't even know who the girl was. And burst into tears when she told me about it, and again when I mentioned it later. LOL.

It was so good having my parents here for a couple of days. We did some shopping, watched some movies, ate some yummy food and played Carcassonne. Mum and Dad, thanks so much for coming for Tassy's birthday!


Anonymous said...

It was great to share Tassy's birthday with her and I did enjoy the ice skating. Glad I got the videos with my little camera. It was good too that the grandparents got to play the party games too, even is I didn't win a prize. I enjoyed all the ymmy fod too, especially our trip to The Flute and the Asian Cafe.
Love Mum
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The stuff you get up your nose when you have a cold!

Sheree said...

Wow look at all those lovely pressies! Can't believe Tassy is 8 already Yvette...Ayden got a few months yet but I'm sure the time will just fly by!

I tried not to giggle too much at the video. ;)

Great job on the's so pretty! How rude that girl was to steal her last fairy though...who does that?

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday Tassy!!
I love laying out all my presents on my bed and taking a pic! Then when I look back at them I'm like "Oh yeah, so that's when I got that..." or.."hmmm... where is that?"LOL!
I love the pic of you and Tassy ice skating together, talk about birds of a feather!
OMG, if I was Tassy and I knew who that girl was who stole that fairy I'd chase her through the playground and pull her hair til she spat it out! Does that make me a bully?? Maybe don't teach Tassy that. HOW RUDE THOUGH!!

kim said...

oh happy belated birthday to dear Tassy.

I love how she lays out all her presents onto the bed!! As a kid I used to make a list of all the presents I got for my birthday or Christmas and write it in my diary - its fun to look back on and see who gave me what over the years!

And check you all out with your skating - well done. I loved seeing the little video of you all - not the falling over and crying part though:)


Anonymous said...

Wow you and Dave are so cool on the ice - Dave looks a real natural. I used to LOVE watching the boys at skating when we were teenager, Dave were you super cool on the ice as a teenager?
Glad to see my pressie in the line up on the bed, happy to know you can still trust Aust.Post. Love you all aaj