Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Darkness and the X Man

We had a little excitement in our neighbourhood a few nights ago. A total blackout! I think it was Tassy's first ever! It was 6pm and Dave wasn't feeling well so he was having a nap and missed most of the fun. Tassy was a bit scared at first but once I found some candles (hurrah!) she was sooooo excited! And just a LITTLE bit scared. We still had gas so I was able to cook dinner and Tassy read her book by torchlight. It was exciting! Tassy thinks we should have Earth Hour every night - but a bit of warning would be nice so I didn't have to look for the candles in total darkness!

Here's my first layout about my precious precious nephew Xander. I think the photo is fascinating... all the tubes and monitors. That WAS his life for the first week or two. PS I think I'll be putting an X on every layout I do about Xander, lol.


Sheree said...

Precious is right Yvette! Your layout is absolutely beautiful!

I don't think our kids have experienced a blackout like that yet either. I can imagine they'd be a bit freaked out too! LOL At least you still had gas to use...and it sounds like it ended up being quite fun!

Sheree xx

Moira said...

Great photo in the dark! Brought back memories of our blackouts when I was a kid. I don't think mine have experienced one either!
Lovely layout. I have a few Xs I can add to your collection! Nice of Alicia to call Xander something you have an abundance of in your stash - LOL!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo of the blackout. I always thought they were exciting times. We used to have lots during storms when I was a child. In Grafton we had a few.
The Layout of Xander is lovely. He's so beautiful. I shall email you some more photos when I download them. I like your use of the paper doilies.
Love Mum
WV - Copesb
You do it this way...copesh?

Mardi said...

LOL when I first read the blog post title I thought you were about to tell us about a new movie review....but instead...you shared a cute story about Tassys first black out.....and the most adorable layout of Xander...love it.
Mardi x

Charlotte said...

OOhh, blackouts are always exciting! I've had a few here in Sydney too, luckily the pizza shop has a generator!
I love the page of Xander, man he is SO TINY there! He's much bigger now I realise after seeing that pic :) I'm glad ALicia called him Xander too, I've got heaps of X's left! I'm glad she didn't call him something beginning with A or E. I always run out of them!

WV: aersest
"this air stinks" "oh, you're just an aersest!"

Ali said...

Hey Yvette - it's been a while! It was fun chatting to you (and a cast of thousands) on Friday night tho! Little Xander is gorgeous and so is your LO :) I've put more pics of the twins up on my blog if Charlotte wants to have a look - they are really developing little personalities now: http://ali-chaosandmayhem.blogspot.com/2010/05/something-for-kate.html