Thursday, March 04, 2010

Funny thing

I asked Tassy to write down what she would like to accomplish this year, so I could include it in a layout sample I was doing for Workshops@Home. She hopped to the task right away and I love the list she made! Here it is, spelling mistakes and all.

This year I would like to acomplish
1.NO CAPITIL LETTERS in the middle of sentences. (an ongoing issue)
2.No 5s and/or 6s the wrong way. (ongoing too)
3.Lern to fun faster. (but she never seems to mind coming last at Little Athletics)
4.Find out more ways to annoy Daddy. (she thought that was very cheeky!)
5.Learn more FACTS from fact books (she loves fact books, and fiction too)
6.Stop turning my nose up at colly flower. (lol – I'm stoked she put that in there!)


Sheree said...

LOL What a great list! I hope she does manage to accomplish them all...especially that last one! :)

Sheree xx

Moira said...


Felicity said...

She is so adorable! I love my beautiful funny clever little neice!!

Lea said...

i LOVE Tassy's list. So diverse too, a great variety of things she has come up with. Well done Tassy! Thanks again for a super special weekend. Leax