Friday, December 04, 2009

Two to share

I'm stoked I made two layouts this week! I hadn't really felt like scrapbooking for about two months (very unlike me!) so I'm thrilled to have made these.

Here's my very first layout about my new niece Sienna. I think this photo is so precious. Thanks for snapping it Charlotte!

My beautiful Auntie Julie left a lovely comment on my blog recently and I wanted to keep a record of it, so created this layout for that purpose. Auntie Julie is my mum's twin sister and we're very close. She is aka Mummy #2, and also known to Tassy as Fake Granny. I've included a photo of her holding me as a newborn with my Grandma, and a photo of us from a few months ago.


Charlotte said...

Ha, I'm rarely the first person to comment on your posts!!

I LOVE the pages, they are both so beautiful! I love how you photoshopped the pic of Fliss and Sienna, it's beautiful in B&W with the burn around the edge. I love the collection of Kaiser pearls in the corner of the pic... so sweet!

And I love the page of you and AJ too! I love the music page and the doily! Man you use some crazy stuff and make it look awesome!! I love AJ's Boufant hair-do. LOL!!

Wanna come over today and give me some scrappin inspiration? The Pumpkin cakes turned out really good so I've got food to snack on!!


WV: irfolin
Sounds like a good name for one of those Elves of yours!!

Sheree said...

Wow Yvette...both of those layouts are just beautiful! So soft and pretty...I just love them to bits!!!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

With eyes full of tears, I want to say - that awesome page about aaj is just what scrapbooking is about. Being able to make a visual of an emotion. Doing family history with names and photos is one thing, but a scrapbook page that will be here for almost forever that shows an emotion will be sooo fabulous for a family member getting to "know" an ancestor. aaj

Megan W said...

Love it Yvette, arent you lucky to have two mums;) and how awesome to have a cousin born just a few weeks apart i bet you two were the best of friends growing up :)
Love these LOs they are just fantastic, i love the one of little Sienna too very cute pic and Lo, love the stiching pricess, very cool :)

Moira said...

Loving those vintagey layouts!!!
LOVE the nickname Fake Granny! LOL
What a beautiful comment too. And yours as well!