Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The first Tuesday of November

I put all three of us in the $2 sweep at work for the Melbourne Cup, and Tassy's horse won! We had so much fun watcing the race (just at home, in our daggy clothes). It's a public holiday in Canberra today. Lucky us! They only did it this year and last year, next year it's back to a normal working day.

Tassy's bedroom is hot on the net! It's been featured here on Sweet Home Style. The Ohdeedoh people saw it there and asked if they could feature it on their website, here. I was so stoked! I just love Tassy's room and I wish I had free reign to style the rest of the house. But unfortunately I have a husband who likes to have input! And since we have so much trouble agreeing on furniture and decorating it just remains sparse. So simplistic is the default style for the rest of the house, lol.

And to some scrapbooking. I did these for my friend who's due to have a baby in a few weeks. This one was for a game at the baby shower

and this one was a gift.

I made this lil sock owl for the baby. His name is Angus (the owl, not the baby).

I'm so excited - less than 48 hours to go until I leave for THIS! Catching up with some old friends, some new ones, some I've known in real life for years, others I've known only online for years. I can't WAIT!


Sheree said...

Oh my goodness how exciting to have Tassy's room featured like that!!!! I'll go and check it out.

Lovin' those layouts as always Yvette! Gorgeous.

I won 3rd prize in a sweep today...yay! Love Melbourne Cup Day! :)

Looking forward to seeing you Friday!! Three more sleeps! LOL

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Tassy's room is well deserving of admiration, it's gorgeous! I love the bunting and the blue paper ball lanterns (are they still called lanterns when they don't have lights in them?) against the pink wall :)

WV: hacali
short for "harbour of california"

Charlotte said...

Come on!!
I'm waiting for a post about the Retreat!!!

WV: unbaud
Come on and post so you can make me unbaud.