Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend with the family

Tassy and I had such a great weekend with my family (and no boys!). Mum's craft sale was fantastic and I'll post about that in a few days time. In the meantime here are some family photos from our weekend!

Mum and Dad took Tassy to the beach very early one morning so the rest of us could lie in. They had a ball!
Out to dinner with the family...zzzzzzzzz.......... No, we didn't really sleep like this. There were enough beds to go around (well, enough mattresses anyway!).Here's my sister Felicity with bubba #2 due in less than two weeks!! Mum and Dad have a bird feeder in their backyard and have lots of beautiful colourful birds come and visit (as well as the unwelcome cockatoos which dad fires his peashooter at). A few of them are so tame now they will eat out of our hands! This one's a King Parrot and he was so beautiful and soooo cool to eat out of our hands! Tassy was worried that he was going to peck her hand while he was eating. He was so gentle he barely tickled! She even stroked the soft feathers on his belly.Playing Rummicub with the family - a bit of an addiction I think! Even Tassy is a bit of an addict.Lots of hands trying to feel Felicity's bubba. I think we all felt it. I can't believe it will be here so soon!
The latest Qtea kit has just been advertised and it includes some of my journalling spots! Check out the cool Smurf themed kit here!

That's all for now but I'll be back later to post some pics from mum's craft sale.


Lea said...

ooh i have been stalking you waiting for a blog post about your weekend. lovely that you were all there and that tassy went along too. how cool are the birds-had a giggle about the poor cockatoos...i didnt pick papa for the pea shooting type.lol. granny and papa would have been SO happy to have you all there.
ps fliss looks so tiny, i wonder if its a pink one or a blue one?

Sheree said...

Sound like you had the most wonderful weekend Yvette! Great to hear your Mum's craft sale went so well!

Sheree xx