Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some shares

Boy, two weeks without scrapping is a long time for me! I did this layout yesterday about Tassy beginning piano lessons early this year. She apparently has a bit of a gift for it! So proud. :) I love to hear her make beautiful music.
...I realised the other day that one of my favourite scarves must have tasted just right to some little creature lurking in my wardrobe, so I have repurposed it! I've used the fringing in this layout and I made some other pieces into softies.
...every time I read the title of this layout I get the Ricky Martin song "She Bangs" in my head. Flashback!I just realised I have a photo of one of the softies cos Tassy snuck it into a photo I was taking of a scrumptious tart, lol. Hello Ellie!Remember Tassy's Little Bluebirds quilt? My Mum helped me make the quilt and she recently appliqued some of the same flowers onto this bathtowel for Tassy! I just LOOOOOVE this towel!!!


kim said...

Hi Yvette!!! Always a pleasure to stop by and check out your creations! I LOVE your towel - how gorgeous is that!!And your layout is great - love the fringing. And I had a chuckle at the photo of Tassy sneaking in the elephant cute.

Lea said...

Hi! Love that towel by clever granny and your creations too. i have some softie patterns i would like to try one day-preferably while Lucia is still little enough to enjoy soft toys. Your elephant is very cute. is that a tart from dobinsons?? yum!

Cherie said...

Great layout and I Love the towel Yvette...what a great idea...
How yum does the tart look...mmmm

Have a great weekend
Cherie x

Sheree said...

I love that you've reused your scarf on your layout Yvette! Great idea and it looks fantastic! That softie is very cute... and that towel is gorgeous!!!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Thats awesome that you repurposed your scarf onto your LO!! Cool!
I love that blue BG paper.. I can't wait to buy some new ones!

Yummy tart! Love the towel too :)

See you in 1 week!!

If you were shipwrecked on your own you'd wash up on a lonashr.

Moira said...

How cute is your elephant!!! Love it!!! And love the fringed bit of your scarf on the layout (thanks for the Ricky Martin loop in MY head now ... NOT!). Your Mum did a gorgeous job with the towel too.
I have just been spring cleaning and found a couple of cardi's that I need to repurpose too ... :(