Wednesday, May 06, 2009

a little scrapping

This is one of Tassy's favourite toys. He's pretty cute isn't he. She named him Pupokalay. I have no idea how she remembers these obscure names she comes up with! It's definitely stuck tho. Isn't this Maya Road owl so cute? I have the "owl" pack and the "bird" pack (to distinguish it from the "owl" pack, cos apparently owls mustn't be birds, lol). Thanks Belinda for the chipboard shapes from American Crafts. Check it out - I finally used some of my Doodlebug flocking! I sprinkled it onto these double sided adhesive letters which I've had for at least five years. I think it looks pretty cool! I'm really enjoying scrapping some 8½x11 layouts. It's so different!


Belinda Venables said...

This looks fabulous Yvette!! I love the soft tones in the layout and that photo is so adorable! Madelin does the same with naming her toys. She comes up with the most odd names, but seems to know one from the Must be a kid thing!
Hope you're doing well.

Charlotte said...

LOVE this LO!! Love the colours and how you put it all together. Let me absorb some of your talent!! I should have sucked more out of you when I visited {wink!}. Tassy is so funny! I don't remember naming my toys names like that! All I had were names like Mortimer, April, Debbie etc!! Talk about not very imaginative!! Well, it was the 80s. They could have ended up being called Charlene and Scott!
I have saved this page in my file for future scraplifting!!

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Sheree said...

Gorgeous Yvette! Doesn't that flocking look cool! Love the colours and how you've put this together.

Sheree xx

LEA said...

beautiful tassy and beautiful flocking-how cool