Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scrapping together

It's school holidays and Tassy and I had a quiet day at home today after a very busy day out yesterday. Well, we weren't home all day. We did pick up our brand new car this morning! Very exciting! We now finally have TWO cars in our family for the first time ever!! Oh the freedom!

So, today we baked some cookies which somehow cooked way too quickly and are a little overdone, watched Igor which was better than I expected (I had low expectations) and did some scrapbooking. We both used the same photos of some of our Astroboy collection... I finally got all this memorabilia together to take the photo and afterwards I realised I had forgotten a whole bunch of other memorabilia! Ah well... The big silver Astro is my favourite. I bought him for Dave a few years ago. And the Astroboy blanket we use ALL the time. Mostly for sitting on when we're watching TV and eating (it's good at catching mess!). Don't tell Tassy, but her blue Tshirt in the photo is no more. It has been retired. But I cut a tiny Astro picture off the bottom of the Tshirt and used it in my layout. Tassy really wanted to use it on her layout (not that she knew where it came from) but selfish Mummy wouldn't share.

Here's Tassy's layout. Her layout is called "Books, T-Shirts and much much more". The journalling says "I took these photos of our Astro stuff with my mum". :)


Sheree said...

What a cool layout Yvette! Check out all that Astroboy stuff!!! We used to watch that when we were kids too. Tassy has done such a great job on hers too... must be fun scrapping together!

Sheree xx

kathie said...

Love the layout :). Woweee, look at your collection.

Felicity said...

I love the LO's!! It must be fun to scrap the same photos together!! Good idea to cut that cute little bit off Tassy's shirt!
New car... Woo-HOO!!! I'm so excited for you!!

Charlotte said...

Awesome Layouts! I love the white graphic paper you used and the embellishments you put together work so well! I can't wait to scrap with you in 5 days time!!

WV: sesses
"there are too many essess in sesses, you'd never spell it in scrabble"