Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Sorry Charlotte - here's a birthday post for you to comment on!

My parents have been here for the weekend and we've had a such a great weekend. They go home tomorrow and I don't want to think about that - the time always goes way too quickly when they're here. I had a lovely birthday today. I opened a squillion presents, dad cooked breakfast then we went to the Kingston Markets for a browse (and bought some yummy sweet things in the food section) and out to lunch. We came home so tired and had a quiet afternoon playing on the Wii Fit (present from Dave) and playing Rummykub - my parents addiction, but I love to play it with them too.

Here's another layout I made for Simple Fresh Kits using their Autumn Spice kit.

This was our early morning adventure to the Canberra Balloon Festival. Yes, early - we drove there in the dark and got there at 6:30am. That's super early for us! Tassy and I have been wanting to go for years so we were thrilled to finally get there! We would LOVE to go for a balloon ride too but it's about $300 per person! And a card using some scraps from the kit.


Sharmaine said...

Happy Birthday Yvette :)
Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your birthday.
I want to go up in a balloon one day too, now I know the cost it will take some more time lol

kim said...

Happy Happy Birthday Yvette for yesterday!!!! Sounds like you had a fun filled day! that is excellent. And a wii fit - way to go. Glad you enjoyed your visit with your mum and dad - and I love the Kingston markets too!! We often go if they are on when we're in Canberra visiting:)

Charlotte said...

Thanks for making a birthday post for me ;) but I see why you hadn't before, sounds like you were having a busy busy day!
Beautiful layout, I love how you arranged all those pics and made them work so well! The card you made with the "scraps" is beautiful too! But it doesn't look very "scrap-py" it looks perfect!!xoxo

"I anticepr this will be another busy week at work."

Sheree said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Yvette!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Love your balloon layout. I'd love to do a balloon ride too one day. I think it would be amazing!

Sheree xx

Moi said...

Glad you had a goodie!
Your layout of the balloon festival reminds me that I didn't let you know what happened when we went - we didn't end up going the same day as you, we went a few days later and the balloons didn't go up because of the weather! We had breakfast there and I took a few photos anyway, including one of a balloon all packed up on the trailer, and Matt says, 'Hey, you could call the layout "deflated".' It amused me greatly that he has now come up with a title for a layout I haven't even created yet! LOL
I am planning on going up in a balloon (or maybe a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb) next year for my birthday (as it's a 'milestone'!)
PS ROFLMAO at Charlotte's WV sentence. Mine is
'She looks very prityp with her pink dress on.'

Niella said...

Happy {belated} birthday Yvette!! yippee...congrats on another fab year:):)