Friday, March 13, 2009

KSK layout

Must be time to share another layout. I've mainly been doing samples for Kim's recent classes @home so I can't share those - you'll have to book in to Mardi's class and the February Snippets class if you want to see them! :)

But I CAN show you this one. There was a recent Cybercrop at KSK and this is my sample for one of the challenges. There was a Seventies theme and for this challenge we had to use at least 10 funky flowers, include a heart or peace sign, and be inspired by an image they showed (I took some of the colours and one of the shapes).

In the photo I'm the blonde one pulling a face and my cousin Kirrilly is the brunette pulling a face. Aren't we too cute. And cheeky. :) My sister Alicia is the baby in Mum's arms, and my cousin Travis is the toddler sitting on my Auntie's lap. He looks SO much like his two children in this photo. I never saw the resemblance before!


Sheree said...

Very cool layout Yvette! Love how you've put this one together. The background looks great and I love the mix of colour!

Have a great weekend!
Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your blog site :) Kez

Niella said...

Heehee Yvette! Love the photo..its so fun. Hey, that owl accent is delicious...I need it.

Hugs, Nie.

Moi said...

Great layout! Is that ink all around the edges? You were such a cutie!!! (You still are ;)).

Charlotte said...

Funky LO!! Did you make the owl? I love him!
I think Trav looks like Uncle Daryl here.. ur all sooo small!

WV: ceome- Channel 10's new hit series "C.E.O- Me." coming soon.