Tuesday, March 03, 2009


March is chockers full of our family and friends birthdays - six birthdays in the first eight days alone! Not to mention a few extra birthdays either side of that! So I got to work making some cards the other day. I suck at cards, but I think I've finally found a winning design. Do you see a pattern here?That's right - patterned paper background, journalling spot and monogram! Pure genious. It's a great way to use up scraps, put a dent in my eNORmous journalling spot collection and use up random leftover letters! I love to use up stuff. :)


~Kathryn~ said...

omg - i love these
i see the K there ready for me this month LOL

another great idea for your spots too - i love using them !!

Charlotte said...

I love your cards! I think it is a winning design and a fab way to use up all your extra letters!

WV: ersal-
Al "oo does zis belong to ven" Marg "its ers'al"

Felicity said...

I think they're gorgeous cards!! What do you mean you suck at cards? Your cards are great!! Great design and very personalised. Good job!!

WV: Stionsu

Sue: "I want to get off this train"
Irish Patty "No! Sti-on-su"!

Niella said...

oh these are sooo clever and gorgy!!

love the personalised deets too. now that is just so spesh.


Sheree said...

What? You suck at cards? I DON'T THINK SO!!! These all look fantastic Yvette... and such a great way to use up your scraps! Everyone will love receiving them on their day!

Sheree xx

Shandell said...

Oooh - what a great idea for using all those random leftover letters! I have few cards to make this month - so I be having a go at your clever designs!

LEA said...

and i LOVED my card AND my lovely pressie! thank you so much:)

Moi said...

I love your cards too! Any handmade card is just fabulous to receive and I loved opening mine :) (thanks again for the pressie). It's a great design and I have to admit that when I received *my* gorgeous card I thought i would scraplift your design to put a dent in my scrap box and my leftover chipboard letters too!

Anonymous said...

Yvette these cards are fantastic and the perfect idea for scraps - have to agreee you really dont suck at cards :o)

Have a wonderful weekend.
Rachie x

Anonymous said...

You've hit the jackpot here - what makes them very special is they have the person's initial. We found when doing craft at GFS, if the item incorporated the girl's initial or name they took much greater care - it is THEIR's - just for them. Well done, I suck at cards too so this will be a winner for me. Love you AJ