Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Journalling Spots WINNERS!

The winners of the giveaway are TORI412 and Cindy! Congratulations girls! Please email me at eeveeadams@hotmail.com to let me know what your address is and you'll have a mixed pack of journalling spots coming your way!

Tassy went back to school today - she's now in Year 1. They totally mixed all the classes this year so Tassy's class consists of children from all four Kindy classes from last year, which was fine. Tassy has a new teacher to the school, she's very young but I like her. Tassy's name was the second one called (that's unusual for Adamses!) and then she squealed with delight when her friend Lucy was also called for the same class. Not that she would have really been bothered otherwise. We're lucky she's so easy going and not at all shy! Here she is all ready for school.He he, I just found this photo of me with the same hair. I knew I wore my hair like this, but I didn't expect to see the same ribbons and clips as Tassy's, lol.


kim said...

how cool to have a photo of you too Yvette with the same hairstyle and ribbons..glad tassy enjoyed her first day back and got to be with her friend too....

Charlotte said...

Lol at your exact same hair!!
Wow, Mum was onto a winning style all those years ago ;) {wink!}
Look how long and tall Tassy is! Is she by far the tallest in her class?

WV: irellad- a boy from Ireland.

LEA said...

both little girls look very sweet:)