Saturday, January 24, 2009


When mum and dad were here recently we went to see the Degas exhibition at the National Gallery. Degas has been my favourite artist ever since we studied him at school and I was so excited when I heard there would be a Degas exhibition in Canberra. We did a guided tour which was fantastic - we've done one once before and it's wonderful for bringing the artist and the paintings to life. You learn so much.

For some reason I expected the Little Dancer sculpture to be small, but it was about a meter tall! There are twenty bronze casts just like this one and one sold recently for $22M! I did this layout today to remember our visit to the gallery. No photos allowed inside, so I've included photos taken in the gallery gardens and some other memorabilia. Actually, I should include a picture of the Little Dancer since she was the centrepiece of the exhibition. Might go add that somehow!


Wendy Smith said...

Saw a documentry on the Little Dancer and it's artist last year was fascinating. Jealous you got to see it irl

Sheree said...

Great layout Yvette (as always!)... love how you've incorporated the memorablilia into it... looks fantastic!

Sheree xx

LEA said...

beautiful yvette. love the soft, feel to it.