Thursday, January 08, 2009

Classes and dinosaurs

Kim has just opened up a new class called SEVEN. Seven layouts in seven days for $35, or if you're early and register before 10 January you can get it for $30! Total bargain. I love this class!Now time to share... We went to one of Tassy's favourite places last week - the National Dinosaur Museum.


Charlotte said...

Hey, love the idea of the Dinosaur Museum! I've never heard of it before. Imagine when we all have kids, getting them together to go to the Dino Museum. I'm picturing Jurassic Park, but I totally hope it doesn't end up like that!
Don't you think that slinky looking Dino is a rip off {cough} of the Chameleon one on Monster's Ink? I always think that when I see him. Hmm...
Love the LO though! And the cool pics! Looks like you had fun!
WV: Ingbo- the Chinese version of Tai-bo. (How much is this game just like the Dictionary game! Only i changed it from "a French word for..." to "A Chinese word for.." Lol.
:) xoxo

Felicity said...

The dinosaur museum sounds fantastic!! I'd love to take cooper when he's older. I love how Tassy loves dinosaur skeletons. So un-girly!!
Just read Bub's comment. I was only thinking of the dictionary game yesterday and how her answers were ALWAYS "a french word for...". How old was she? About 8? I smiled to myself thinking about it and how she'd occasionally get a vote from Dad!

WV: Pairday - a public holiday for couples only.

Anonymous said...

Yvette I just love all the wonderful things you do as a family. I love this photo of Dave witb Tassy - which one is having the most fun. Well done Daddy Dave you are awesome.
Love you all aj