Sunday, December 07, 2008

Day 6

Robynne asked how we make the mini puddings in the previous post. There are lots of variations of this floating around and I just go from memory, so mine varies each year too, lol. But it's pretty much this...

1 dark fruit cake (I buy the Woolies brand one)
about 1/4 cup cocoa
small amount of orange juice
white chocolate
red and green glace cherries

Crumble the fruit cake into a large bowl. We wear gloves and use our hands. Use your hands to mix in the cocoa too, then add enough orange juice to make the mixture stick together. You don't need to add much. Roll the cake into walnut size balls then drizzle with melted white chocolate and decorate with small pieces of red and green glace cherries, to look like holly. SO easy!!

Here's my effort for Day 6 - posting our first batch of Christmas cards. Note to self - remember to buy more Christmas stamps! I love the baubles Christmas stamps we got this year.


Robynne said...

Thankyou so much - must try these out!

LEA said...

your dec daily is looking great!

Charlotte said...

Oh I LOVE your mini puddings! I couldn't stop eating them at Mum and Dad's last year.. they are the bomb!! I'm going to make them for my work friends' Christmas gifts this year :)