Friday, December 05, 2008

Day 4

Tassy had her class bear overnight and she shared her Christmas countdown chocolate with him. The kids get SO excited when they get to bring home the bear! Oh... I have to tell you about the Tong Bucket (must be pronouced "Tong Bookay") they have at school. Each week at assembly a class is awarded "Tidy Bear and the Tong Bookay" and there is much rejoicing from the lucky class. Then it's that class's job for the week to don gloves and use tongs from the "bookay" to clean up the school, lol. Cracks me up that they get so excited about it. It's all in the presentation isn't it! In the olden days (my era) that was a punishment!


kerry said...

Sure was your book is looking great .take care Kerry xx

Debster said...

Hi Y - your story about the "bookay" cracked me up - isn't it great how something so mundane can be made so special!The teachers must love it. My niece Nicky's class has a gorilla called George whom the kids take home week about. I love that kind of stuff! Good to see you getting into all things Chrissy. All we've done is put up the tree and some lights which we keep forgetting to turn on! Bye for now, Deb.