Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 30

I've been trying to cull a bit lately. I found a book of angel patterns that I've had for probably 15 years and never used. I'm going to give it to mum but I thought I might as well use ONE of the patterns before I gave it away! So Tassy and I made these little angels. I only showed Tassy a few fabrics to choose from so she chose the blue for the sack and the pink for the headscarf (they're supposed to have hair but I didn't have wool or a heat gun so I sewed little headscarfs on them, which was so quick and easy!). She wanted gold for the star so I dug up some gold fabric, then she wanted to make wings from wool. I told her she could draw eyes and she was very keen to do eyelashes, so I agreed. Before I knew it she'd done the same on mine! lol. But I like it.Only one page to go!

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Wendy Smith said...

Hope you had a merry Xmas and have a wonderful New Year