Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 22

Yes I LOVE my snowglobe. I bought it a few years ago in a Christmas shop in Canberra which has since closed down. It amuses me that it's so American - Santa is carrying a flag and when you wind it up it plays "America the beautiful". But I love it. It's big and it's heavy and it's old fashioned and it sounds beautiful and it has sparkles inside. :)

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Charlotte said...

So beauiful!! I love snowglobes. I love the globe I gave Tassy when she was born too, the Classic Winnie the Pooh one. I got it from the Disney store which has since shut down too! Who would have thought Disney would shut anything?!! Are you running out of things to put in your book yet? You seem to be doing very well! I think I would have run out by day 7!
Word Ver: Woodion- it's a new alloy of timber and iron. Very popular in poorer countries.