Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 18

Tassy's been bringing home artwork and books all week. I will have to be secretly ruthless about what we keep! We'll definitely be keeping the K/1 Baker book you can see in this photo. Each page features a photo of one of the students and a Q&A - some of them are pretty funny. Like the boy who answered "what do you like most about school" with "going home" lol.

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Felicity said...

LOL!! I love that boy already!! :-)I wonder if at 6 yrs old he realises how funny he is!! There's the next "Hamish & Andy"!

It will be hard to be ruthless when you're so proud of everything she does (and she does everything SO WELL!)but just think of the stash you'll have by the time she's in yr 12 if you dont!! :-)

See you tomorrow. Cant wait!