Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The past week

Tassy and I went to Sydney on Sunday for my nephew Cooper's baptism. It was sooo good to see little Cooper again - he's already eight months old and this is only the third time I've seen him. He's changed so much. Tassy was so lovely with him. Reading him stories and talking to him so sweetly. Here they are...
And my sisters and I.Mum and Dad were here for two days last week and it had been too long since we'd seen them too! Over three months. We never go that long... They wanted to go to the Zoo here since they've never been. Mum and I talked Dad into feeding a lioness. It wasn't that he was afraid to, I just think he didn't think it would be that special (and it costs $10). But he was SO happy that we talked him into it. He said it was fantastic and she was so beautiful and deceptively placid - he was sooo tempted to pat her. And he kept saying how huge her head was. I paid extra to get a photo by their photographer but I didn't scan that before mum and dad took it home, so here's the photo I took.I think the favourite of all of us was the giraffes. We watched them for ages. They stuck to each other like glue and seemed to do everything in slow motion. They were pretty funny. Sort of graceful and sort of clumsy (much like me, lol).


Charlotte said...

Awe, look at little Mattie with Tassy in the first pic! Lol!!
It was so great to see you on the weekend, thanks for all my 2 peas goodies, check out my blog, I've already used some!! Woo Hoo!!
It was great to get some new family photos too :)

Wendy Smith said...

great time had by all by the looks of it

Felicity said...

Thank you so much for coming. It was so wonderful to have you herew! I love that photo of Cooper and Tassy! They look so cute together! I think his head is bigger than hers!!! Love the picture of the 4 of us. I love it when we're altogether!
Looks like you had a great time with Mum and Dad too. I didnt know he fed a lioness...Cool!!