Tuesday, October 21, 2008

80s (and 90s - shame) perms

Kim has shared some scary 80s perm photos on her blog and is encouraging us all to spill the beans on our perms. Check out her post here for a little laugh. :) Are you gonna join in the fun? Come on - you know you had at least one perm! Didn't you?

Here's my first perm, at the age of 14. It was SOOOOO different to anything I'd had before. Each perm stayed in my hair forEVER which meant I ended up with flat hair on top and curly ends. Not a good look. Plus the fringe never seemed to take the curl. Please note my button earrings - I was quite the rebel for wearing these in the school photo.This one I actually think looks pretty cool... But pretty soon it turned into this...The chemicals in the perm solution sent my hair a lovely peroxide yellow. But I didn't like the mousey hair I started out with, so I embraced "peroxide yellow".

Now this one's even more embarrassing cos I had this done in the nineties! We did a nice little "before and after" for this one. I wish I did that for each perm! It was a spiral perm and if I can trust my memory it cost me $75. I have such a bad memory, but every now and then some useless information like that chirps up.Note the outfit I'm wearing on the right. I made it myself. The dress was linen - a pain in the ass to wear cos it creased like crazy. And the wrap was some kind of chiffon I think. It felt weird to wear - sorta hot and sorta cold. I never make clothes for myself anymore. I never had any luck with the fit. I occassionally make clothes for Tassy... And what do you think of my batik print singlet top on the left? I loved those army green jeans...


kim said...

Oh your perms are sensational Yvette!
And check you out you in the before and after shots!! Woo Hoo...gotta love an outfit that makes you feel kinda hot and kinda cold!!! LOL
Thanks for joining in the perm fun! Oh and my school uniform for year 5 and 6 was the same blue check!!

Belinda Venables said...

Oh Yvette - hubba hubba! Check you out!

I had a spiral perm too - but was only quite young. I convinced my mum that I needed one and being a spoilt little brat - I got my own way...lol.

I have no idea where the photo is though - thank heavens for that!

Love that layout in your last post too - just beautiful!


kerry said...

Yvette these are too funny i so had one of these perms too .I would have pics buried some where thats for sure.take care Kerry xx

Wendy Smith said...

loving these pics...AHHHH memories

Can honestly say that I have never had a perm...but I did have the 'Days of our Lives' natural boofant!

Moi said...

I clicked on Kim's link and commented there but forgot to comment here! I had two perms in the 1980s - one in about 1985/6 which was reasonable, and another in about 1988 which was absolutely dreadful. In fact I don't think I have photos of the second one - I got my hair cut very short within two weeks of the perm, it was that tragic! Still lovin' 'my' layout - still pinching myself that you created it for me! See you tomorrow. :)

Moi said...

BTW - I don't think yours are too tragic! Love your description of perm yellow! LOL!

Jodi said...

Gorgeous Perm!!!!
I love you with the longer fringe one!!!

Janinek said...

Thanks for sharing the perm shots! Got to love a bit of a time warp from time to time.

I actually have naturally curly hair but I too succumed to a tight spiral perm in the early 90's!

Oh the shame!

Charlotte said...

Love the perms! Funny, when I was younger I always thought you had curly hair!! Lol. I guess I was about 5 when you got your first one, so it wouldn't have occurred to me that you had straight hair one day and curly hair the next!!
Thank goodness Mum never let me get one, I remember one of the girls in my year in year 10 got one (it was already 1997 and they were WAY out by then!) The boys all called her poodle head. Nice class!!

Niella said...

I had an 80's perm too! That was sooo the style back then:)

Must dig out those ones to scrapbook...ok, maybe not too soon! LOL!